A Prioritized Load Aware Weighted Round Robin (PLAWRR) algorithm in Broadband Wireless Networks


  •   Ibrahim Saidu

  •   Nasir Aliyu Shinkafi

  •   Abubakar Roko

  •   A. U. Moyi


Broadband Wireless networks (BWNs) provide a reliable internet access for the delivery of high-speed multimedia applications. The BWNs such as WiMAX provides quality of service (QoS) support for heterogeneous service classes with diverse QoS requirements. Scheduling algorithm is one of the mechanisms used to assure QoS. The existing scheduling algorithm uses a priority value to prioritize traffics according to varying traffic conditions. However, it wastes network resources due to failure to consider channel conditions; thus, lead to increase in delay and packet loss as well as decrease in throughput. In this paper, a prioritized load aware weighted round robin (PLAWRR) algorithm is proposed to improve resource utilization. The PLAWRR algorithm employs a modified value priority according to not only traffic load but also channel condition and throughput history for traffics prioritization. It also introduces a new dynamic weight according to the prioritization value. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated using simulations. The results show that the proposed PLAWRR achieves superior performance compared to the existing algorithm in terms of delay and packet loss as well as increase in throughput.

Keywords: Quality of service; Wireless Metropolitan Network; WiMAX; and Scheduling algorithm .


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