•   Uday Khadodra

  •   Md Habibur Rahaman

  •   Mohsin Jamil


During this period of rising energy demand, utility companies are at a certain point in time, unable to satisfy the overall requirements of their entire consumer population. During this kind of situation, the system, which is, at a micro-scale, can also refer to a zero-energy building, which can also be very prominent in solving this problem. Another thing is that cries of non-renewable energy sources and most of the utility companies are majorly dependent on that kind of energy source, and it keeps along with issues of global warming. A renewable energy-based power system can solve this issue.  In this paper, the solution to this problem by introducing the microscale installation of a renewable energy source at the residential level has been presented. For that here, the area selected for this project is located in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, CANADA. Newfoundland is an island; hence, the proposed system would be beneficial here. Building this kind of system is the process of designing, selecting, and calculating the energy demand of equipment and, at last, synchronizing it with the grid to make it as zero energy building. This process depends upon a range of variables, including geographical location, load requirement, and solar irradiation. The required demand, system modeling, simulation, and techno-economic analysis are carried out by BEopt, HOEMR, and MATLAB software.

Keywords: Designing, Sizing, Renewable energy system, Photovoltaic system, Grid-tied, Canadian house.


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