AHP Decision Making Algorithm for Development of HVDC and EHVAC in Developing Countries


  •   Ali Aranizadeh

  •   Mehrzad Kazemi

  •   Homayoun Barahmandpour

  •   Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara


Nowadays, as the population of urban areas increases, the need for consumption increases as well. This amount of consumption requires power generation centers with large volumes exploiting that it needs to be big enough, which guides technology towards bulk power transmission systems. In doing so, two types of power transmission systems, including HVDC and EHVAC, can be studied. However, since none of the above technologies has been used in developing countries, a decision should be made to introduce and develop any of these technologies. Applying both technologies together would not be cost-effective. A decision-making development needs the principles of conflicting purposes for alternatives and the selection of the best choice based on the needs of decision-makers. Multi-objective optimization methods may well provide a solution for this selection. Thus, this paper studies deciding on the introduction and Development of HVDC and EHVAC in a developing country, Iran. To this end, measures of this selection are described in detail, and then, AHP, one of the well-known MCDM method, is used to make the final decision.                                                                                                               

Keywords: Bulk power transmission, Development of future infrastructures, Transmission network, Direct current system, Alterative current system


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