Dynamic Modeling and Control of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected photovoltaic System


  •   A. Zare

  •   M.T. Iqbal


Designing control strategies to connect a photovoltaic (PV) system to the grid has been significantly challenging. This paper focuses on developing a controller for a single-phase PV system connected to the grid and its implementation to modify the power factor in the distribution power system. To design a grid-connected PV system, its components are modeled, such as PV panels, Maximum Power Point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, the grid interface inverter with the appropriate filter, and the DC link capacitor. SIMULINK / MATLAB is used for simulation in this study. The proposed control strategy is designed to track the maximum power point of The PV panels and control the PV active and reactive output power. In this paper, the presented reactive power control provides the PV system with power factor correction (PFC) capability. The proposed technique for checking controller validity is tested, and the results prove that the proposed controller is good and provides the required performance.

Keywords: MPPT; solar energy; PV; PFC; Simulink; modeling; renewable energy


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