A Review of Conventional Fault Detection Techniques in Solar PV Systems and a Proposal of Long Range (LoRa) Wireless Sensor Network for Module Level Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in Large Solar PV Farms


  •   Aruoriwoghene Okere

  •   M. Tariq Iqbal


This paper reviews various faults that exist in large solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The faults are reviewed in their various classes based on the location and structure. Conventional solutions for fault detection and various research work in PV system monitoring and fault detection are reviewed. It is obvious that PV module level monitoring exhibit advantages over array or string monitoring. Therefore, the paper proposes the use of Long Range (LoRa) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for PV module level monitoring and fault diagnosis. LoRa was proposed for this application due to the advantages it has over other wireless technologies which include long range of data transfer, low cost, low power consumption and multi sensor connection capabilities.

Keywords: PV Module level faults, LoRa, Wireless Sensor Networks, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy


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