Improving Power Quality and Mitigation of Harmonic Distortion Impact at Photovoltaic Electric Vehicle Charging System


This article offers a clear and realistic design for an active power filter to increase reliability and power quality of the photovoltaic charging system and a high-penetration electric vehicle distribution system. The MOPSO algorithm is used as the basis for problems with optimization and filter tuning. A typical regular load curve is used to model the warped power grid over a 24-hour cycle to estimate the total harmonic distortion (THD). For structures with high penetration of electric cars, the probability of minimizing THD (for example to five percent) is explored via optimum capacity active shunt filters and shunt capacitors. To maximize general performance of the charging system, the switching systems are re-scheduled. Moreover, to increase the current control accuracy of shunt active filter, the fuzzy logic controller is utilized. The major drawback to new system is that it would have unrestricted billing for entire day to cope with voltage interruption. In MATLAB / SIMULINK, detailed machine setup and control algorithm experiments are simulated. The simulation findings confirm the efficiency and viability of projected shunt active filter to enhance voltage profile and track power performance of photovoltaic charging system.

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