A Web-Based Aggregate Information Portal


  •   Donatus I. Bayem

  •   Henry O. Osuagwu

  •   Chimezie F. Ugwu


A Web portal aggregates an array of information for a target audience and affords a variety of services including search engines, directories, news, e-mail, and chat rooms, and they have evolved to provide a customized gateway to Web information. Also, a high level of personalization and customization has been possible. The portal concept could further be established to function as a classy Web interface that can serves as sustenance for variety of the task performance. The aggregate information Web portal will serve as portals for the information needs of users on the web. The Web based portal enable marketing of users broadly across a wide variety of interests. Most of the popular usage of the Web based aggregate information portal probably refers to the visual and user interface (UI) design of a Web site. It is a crucial aspect since the visitor is often more impressed with looks of website and easy to use rather than about the technologies and techniques that are used behind the scenes, or the operating system that runs on the web server. In other words, it just does not matter what technologies that is involved in creating, when the site is hard to use and easy to forget. This paper explores the factors that must be painstaking during the design and development of a Web based aggregate information portal. Design as a word in the context of a Web application can mean many things. A working Web based aggregate information portal, kaseremulticoncept was developed to support the various users’ task performances. A number of technologies was studied and implemented in this research, which includes multi-tier architecture, server and client side scripting techniques and technologies such as PHP programming languages and relational databases such as MySQL, Structured Query language (SQL) and XAMPP Server.

Keywords: Web portal, Aggregate, Information portal, kaseremulticoncept


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