BESS Assisted Frequency Management for Black Start Process of Microgrid


  •   Mushfiqul Ahmed

  •   Ferdous Irtiaz Khan

  •   S. M. Ishraqul Huq


This paper proposes a method for restoring the nominal frequency and improving the system recovery time using battery energy storage system (BESS) for an islanded microgrid (MG) which is operated by a black start unit (BSU). The frequency stability is controlled by varying the apparent power (MVA) rating of the BESS after simultaneously connecting with the BSU during the post fault scenarios. Simulations are performed on the IEEE Std. 399-1997 test MG using DIgSILENT PowerFactory. Results show that the nominal frequency of the system can be retained by connecting the BESS during the transient period and increasing the MVA rating up to a maximum value. Simulation results also show that with a higher distributed connection of the BESS units over the system, the frequency recovery time can be reduced.

Keywords: BESS, black-start, frequency stability, microgrid, recovery time


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