Effective Power Allocation Using for Transmit Source In MIMO Relay Communication


  •   Hoai Trung Tran


The Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems using relays are of interest for high-speed radio communication systems. Currently, most of the articles are interested in the model of three nodes with purposes such as increasing the channel capacities (mutual information) or reducing the minimum mean square of error. This paper extends to more than one relay and is concerned with the maximum channel capacity. It is assumed that the channel matrices between source and relay as well as relay and receiver are random matrices; the relay precoders are also assumed to be random and known at the receiver. The article proposes that the Lagrange multiplier finding algorithm using the Newton – Raphson optimization method is more straightforward than the traditional finding algorithm using the first and second derivatives but still gives a higher channel capacity.

Keywords: Channel capacity, Lagrangian operator, MIMO, relay


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