BioGamal Based Authentication Scheme for Cloud Assisted IoT Based WBAN


  •   Heba G. Mohamed


Today, wireless body area networks or WBANs consist of wearable sensors that allow people to monitor their health records remotely from anywhere in the world. Healthcare professionals and patients rely on such high-level communications for their personal data to be protected from intrusions and attacks. In order to enhance the security of WBAN architecture, many researchers are showing a keen interest in it. Using the latest standards and publications, this study examines and assesses separate security and privacy techniques, analyzing WBAN/IoT challenges as well as their limitations. Additionally, this research examines the latest security practices in WBAN. For WBAN/IOT applications, we present a novel BioGamal cryptosystem and authentication method based on biometric data. It was observed that most of the authentication protocols for cloud-based applications relying on hash functions and other cryptosystems are vulnerable to security attacks and do not provide adequate security protection against revealing end-user identities. Therefore, the proposed scheme introduces both secure biometric BioGamal-based authentication and data sharing schemes. According to our analysis, this novel approach will be more effective than existing solutions in terms of execution time, cost, and security.

Keywords: BioGamal, Biometrics, Data confidentiality, Data sharing, Internet of Things, Network, Security, Wireless Body Area.=


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