Design of Over/Under Voltage Protection Relay using Arduino Uno for FREEDM System


  •   Mohamed Fawzi Kotb

  •   Magdi M El-Saadawi

  •   Eman H El-Desouky


This paper presents a new design for over/under voltage (OV/UV) protection scheme using Arduino microcontroller. The protection scheme is designed to protect the solid-state transformer (SST) branch of a Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) system. It is used as backup protection for the instantaneous, momentary and temporary voltage fluctuation of distribution medium voltage loop. Very simple, user-friendly software and hardware simulators are created to represent a branch of the FRREDM network with the designed OV/UV relay. A software program is formulated using c-code through Proteus software package and easily integrated to the hardware circuit. The designed microcontroller monitors the network voltage and the OV/UV relay energies in case that its value exceeds a preset limit according to IEEE 1159.  To validate and prove the effectiveness of the proposed system, different tests are performed for both software and hardware simulators at instantaneous, momentary and temporary OV/UV operation conditions. The results are compared with IEEE 1159 standard values and shows fine and high accuracy.

Keywords: FREEDM, Over Voltage Relay, Undervoltage Relay, Arduino Uno controller


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