Artificial Intelligence on Property and Casualty Insurance


  •   Muralikrishna Dabbugudi


The property insurance and casualty insurance sector are large insurance sector that protects or covers the stuff you own (like Home, car and trucks). The provider that provides or covers huge amount of coverage to properties (like cars, trucks, motorcycles and property), other constructions, accidents, vandalism, on theft etc. Casualty insurance is that the policy has the liability coverage to protect yourself if you are the one who is legally responsible for an accident that creates injuries to another party or creates damage to the other party’s appurtenances. The property and casualty insurance are combined together into one insurance product under a single policy. With the help of innovative technology growth, Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers are steadily using leading-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, to avoid an intermediary between the insurer and the customer and directly reaching to the customers and make sure to deliver prompt and accurate services without any interruptions at an affordable cost. Among many examples, we can use one being an example is utilized of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the Property and Casualty insurance sector, which is leading towards to have a much greater number of use cases substantial as prevention of fraudulent claims, making fast and accurate business decisions, predictive data analytics, improve customer satisfaction and much more. Mainly this paper talks about emerging technologies like AI, ML which is used and adopted in Property Insurance and Casualty Insurance domain. Artificial Intelligence provides many benefits to insurance carriers, so carriers can improve their process to support their customers.

What is an AI: “AI is all about how the digitals and humans can collaborate; how digital can take over tasks they can do much better and faster than human, so human can focus on what only he can do.”

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI & ML in P&C Insurance Sector, Machine Learning, ML & Artificial Intelligence in Insurance Domain, Technology Innovation in Insurance Sector.


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