Regional Ship-to-Air Missile Ship Maneuvering Cover Model


  •   Jihua Dou

  •   Jiaqi Zou

  •   Yuliang Sun


In view of the problem of a regional ship-to-air missile ship covering an adjacent ship, considering the locations of the ships, the required azimuth angle of a regional ship-to-air missile ship covering an adjacent ship, the maximum azimuth angle of a regional ship-to-air missile ship instantaneously covering an adjacent ship, and the remote distance of the regional ship-to-air missile launch area, a model of a regional ship-to-air missile ship longitudinally and laterally maneuvering to cover an adjacent ship was proposed, which provides a model basis for a regional ship-to-air missile ship longitudinally and laterally maneuvering to cover an adjacent ship.

Keywords: Cover Model, Maneuvering, Regional Ship-To-Air Missile, Ship.


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