Design and Viability Assessment of Grid-Integrated Solar PV System for Electric Power Supply Enhancement: A Case Study of Idofian, Nigeria


Recently, the demand for electric power supply has tremendously increased and the Nigerian government is unable to meet this demand, with conventional energy generation, due to myriads of issues in the electricity sector. A 2 MW grid-integrated solar photovoltaic system design is carried out in this work using Idofian, Kwara State, Nigeria, as a case study. The feasibility study for the Solar PV system along with the load estimation for the study area were done using RETScreen software. The simulation results revealed that the design is feasible for Idofian township, with an annual energy yield of roughly 2,853 MWh, of about 17% of Idofian's annual (daily) electricity consumption. Solar PV electricity generation saves around 1,182.7 tonnes of CO2. The plan, if adopted, will go a long way toward alleviating Nigeria's electricity shortage.
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