Grid Integration of PV Through Three Switches Leg Dual-Input Single-Output DC-DC-AC Converter


  •   Mahdi Azizi

  •   Sima Aznavi


This paper presents a novel application of a three switches leg based Dual-Input Single-Output Converter in grid integration of a low power Photovoltaic (PV) system. In this application, an input of the dc-dc-ac converter is connected to the PV while the other is connected to a battery. The ac output is connected to the grid and delivers PV’s generated power. The operation principle of Dual-Input Single-output converter and its control scheme for this application are discussed. To verify the performance of the proposed configuration in grid integration of PV panel, two main operating scenarios are simulated. The results validate the effective performance of the proposed configuration in tracking the desired output power of converter.

Keywords: Multi Input Converter (MIC), Hybrid PV-Battery Power Generation, Space Vector Switching, Power Management


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