A Novel Economic Dispatch in Power Grids Based on Enhanced Firework Algorithm


  •   Iman Niazazari

  •   Oveis Asgari Gashteroodkhani

  •   Amir Niaz Azari


This paper proposes a novel single objective optimization technique for economic dispatch (ED) in power grids. This new technique is developed based on firework algorithm (FWA) and is implemented in the IEEE 24 bus reliability test system. In this paper, the single-objective enhanced fireworks (EFWA) is developed to find the economic operating condition to minimize the generation cost. This method is a swarm intelligence algorithm that solves a single-objective optimization problem much faster than other well-known algorithms such as genetic algorithm (GA). The experimental results show that the proposed EFWA method is indeed capable of obtaining higher quality solutions efficiently in ED problems.

Keywords: Economic dispatch, enhanced firework algorithm, genetic algorithm, optimization


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