An Enhanced Method for Web Ontologies Encryption


  •   Redouane Nejjahi

  •   Abderrahim Marzouk

  •   Noreddine Gherabi


Ontologies are used in almost any domain; they have been used both in the public and private domains. In the latter case, we will face security problems, where encryption may be a solution. In this case, one can encrypt their ontology file with any encryption standard, delete the original file and store the encrypted one. When exploiting the ontology, the user should decrypt the encrypted file on the fly and make the needed reasoning. In this paper, we introduce an enhanced method for encrypting web ontologies. This method consists of maintaining the ontology structure (schema) while encrypting only the ontology data. We found that the enhanced method is at least ten times faster than the basic method. With such results, we believe that existing tools for querying or making reasoning on ontologies can be rewritten to take advantage of this method in the case of ontology security.

Keywords: Ontology; Cryptography; OWL; AES; Semantic Web; Security


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