Congestion Control Call Admission Control (CC-CAC) Algorithm for Mobile Broadband Networks

Ibrahim Saidu, Abubakar Roko, Nasir Aliyu Shinkafi, Solomon Yese
 Abstract views: 443
  Downloads: 452

Improving RANSAC for Efficient and Precise Model Fitting with Statistical Analysis

Yunliang Zhang, Hengyuan Tian, Yanzi Deng, Jianguo Wang
 Abstract views: 430
  Downloads: 410

Intelligent Bimodal Segmentation Applied on CFA Images of Food Products

Ousman Boukar, Gamraïkréo Djaowe, Alban Ngatchou, Laurent Bitjoka
 Abstract views: 232
  Downloads: 273

Image Forgery Detection Based on Deep Transfer Learning

Younis Abdalla, M. T. Iqbal, M. Shehata
 Abstract views: 1096
  Downloads: 651

Floating Point versus Fixed point Tradeoffs in FPGA Implementations of QR Decomposition Algorithm

Siavash Amin-Nejad, Katayoon Basharkhah, Tayyebeh Asgari Gashteroodkhani
 Abstract views: 596
  Downloads: 367

An Efficient Data Compression Approach based on Entropic Codingfor Network Devices with Limited Resources

Elie Fute Tagne, Hugues Marie Kamdjou, Alain Bertrand Bomgni, Armand Nzeukou
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  Downloads: 262

Design Of Distribution Board Unit For A Business Focus

Oyeleye Matthew Olayinka
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A Prescriptive Logic Model for Software Application Root Cause Analysis

Hoo Meng Wong, Sagaya Sabestinal Amalathas, Tatana Zitkova
 Abstract views: 602
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Smart Enhancement of UPFC Performance in Transmission Systems Using BPSO and ANNC

Rabab Reda Eiada, Ebrahim A. Badran, Ibrahim I. I. Mansy
 Abstract views: 190
  Downloads: 243