Parametric Simulation Study of Control Coefficients on the On-Off Current Ratio of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor

Md. Sayed Farahan, Shaeekul Ameen, Md. Farhun Monsur, Md Faysal Nayan
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Numerical Investigation of High Efficiency Cu₂SnSe₃ Thin Film Solar Cell with a Suitable ZnSe Buffer Layer Using SCAPS 1D Software

Sunirmal Kumar Biswas, Md. Mostak Ahmed, Mst. Farzana Orthe, Md. Shamsujjoha Sumon, Kushal Sarker
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Voice and Gesture Controlled D.C. Motor Fan’s Rotational Speed and Direction

Samuel Okari Omweno, Daniel Ketui, Calford Otieno
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Enhancing Medication Adherence with IoT Technology

Taharimul Islam, Rakibul Hassan, Shariar Raihan Romy, Douaa Dellal, Tareq Rageb Ahsan Bin
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Exploring Wi-Fi Security Challenges and Proposing Solutions: The case of Afghanistan

Sayed Zabihullah Mosawi, Massoud Qasimi, Wali Mohammad Wadeed, Koshal Rahman Rahmani
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Different Methods of EEG Signal Analysis Using Power Spectral Density, ChronoNet and ResNest

Md Mehedi Hasan, Senjuti Rahman, Ajay Sarkar, Fayez Khan, Ashek Seum
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Decision Tree Models for Predicting the Effect of Electronic Waste on Human Health

Samuel K. Opoku, Asare Yaw Obeng, Mary O. Ansong
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